How to Take Body Measurements for Your Wedding Gown or Bridal Party Attire

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Are you thinking about ordering your wedding gown or bridal party attire online? Then it’s time you learn how to take body measurements. Brittany from the Wedding Shoppe will guide you through the basic measurements to consider before ordering bridal party attire or your gown.

Her first tip is to get professional measurements. It is very difficult to get accurate measurements of yourself, especially for something as important as a wedding dress or bridal party attire. The Wedding Shoppe offers complimentary measurements, and we know plenty of other bridal salons do, as well. You’ll be thankful for the professional help when you get your wedding dress alterations. However, it’s still helpful to learn the basics of how to take body measurements.

When asked how to take body measurements accurately, Brittany recommends soft measuring tape. The measuring tape from your toolbox will not be flexible enough, and will result in inaccurate numbers. We also recommend that you wear only undergarments when getting measured. Expect to remove some clothes if you go to a professional.

How to take body measurements:

First, measure the bust. To do this, lift your arms and place the tape around the fullest part of your chest. It’s important that you never pull the tape tight when taking measurements. Next, measure your waist. To do this, wrap the soft measuring tape around the natural waist and bend from side to side to make sure it is properly placed. Finally, measure the widest part of your hips. Do not determine the “widest” part simply by looking at the front of your body. Make sure you find the fullest part of your hips from all directions.

After you have written down these three measurements, check the manufacturer’s size chart. When purchasing a special order dress, it is important to select the size that aligns with the largest of your three measurements. This will make your wedding dress alterations much easier later on. If you are over five feet, eight inches (including heel height), make sure you verify the length of the dress, as well. You may have to order a longer gown and hem it later.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call the Shoppe’s Sales and Support team. The Wedding Shoppe is here to make sure you find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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